food shortage
by: Susan Duclos

December 28, 2021

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Huge Number Of Food Shortages Predicted For 2022 By A Variety Of Experts - Democrats Told Us It Would Get Better By 2022, But These Experts Warn It's Not And Is Going to Get Much Worse

In 2020 and 2021 we saw a number of shortages, from foods to computer chips, stemming from different reasons. First and foremost which kicked off the extremely depleted store shelves that our readers sent exclusive images of, all across the country, while certain specific areas saw less, and others more shortages, were the lockdowns.

Those lockdowns forced school and restaurant closures, which in turn blindsided the farming industry because the demand dried up, so much of their “supply” had to be destroyed. Tens of millions of gallons of milk dumped, crops plowed through because the farmers couldn’t offload it, and ranchers forced to euthanize their own livestock because they couldn’t get it all processed.

With the schools, restaurants, and other business closures that state leaders deemed “non-essential,” we saw unemployment explode, which led to shortages at food banks and free food giveaways […]

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