Choose a Business Name

The fundamental goal of choosing  a good business name should be to express what services you provide while being easy to remember and, if feasible, distinctive. A well-thought-out name can serve to legitimize your internet business and instill trust in your audience. Because you will be marketing other company products as affiliate links on your social media. You can monetize all of your media in this manner and create passive income.

Here are a few pointers to help with picking your online business name:

First of all be descriptive but not overly broad or vague. Choose a name that is neither too cryptic nor too plain. Be descriptive, not dull, and something that would be unlikely forgotten.

Additionally, void names that are difficult to spell. You don’t want potential consumers to be perplexed about how to discover your company online. 

Preferably, the business name should express something important and beneficial about your company.

Select a name that is scalable

Choose a business name that will help your company grow. 

A name that is too specific may bring issues in the future. You don’t want to confine your business to a single product or city. 

So selecta name that will be scalable as your company expands.

 For example, if you just sell shoes, you may one day sell socks or other accessories as well. In addition, if your service is located in a certain area, you may expand to other cities.

So, consider picking a broad enough name that can accommodate your future expansion.

Check that the name sounds good when spoken aloud. Occasionally on paper, some names seem okay, but when said aloud, they sound terrible. And try to ensure no one is confused about how it’s spelt.

Make certain that you are personally pleased with the name.

You may live with the name for a long time as the business owner, so make sure you are satisfied with it and that it will connect with your audience.

Spend the suitable amount of time to do it properly from the start, but don’t allow this phase of your online business startup immobilize you.

The fun stuff is just around the corner.

Conduct an extensive Internet search

Look it up on the internet once you’ve settled on a name. The majority of the time, that business name is already in use by someone else. While this is troublesome, keep at it and you will eventually come up with one you like.

Do a search at to see whether you can register the name as a trademark or service mark. Here is a helpful resource for learning about intellectual property.

It’s not a bad idea to perform a trademark search. You don’t need to register or trademark it right now or really ever, but you want the name free and available for use.

As important as it may appear to have the right name, it is best to make a decision, choose a name and move on to the next stage as quickly as possible.

Next we discuss picking a domain name and going live on the internet.

Resources to help choose a business  name (gives you a visual on a keyword)

Shopify Business Name Generator (generates business names and checks domain)

Oberlo (name generator simplifies the process of finding a business name)

Web Hosting Geeks (simple tool helps generate cool names for your business, blog or a product)

Brand Root (Find a unique available business name & domain in minutes) ( generate names based on a theme)

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