December 16 Roundup: more threats against the non-vaccinated, Demaryius Thomas, and Canada pushing Australia for dystopian capital of the world December 16, 2021 These longer articles are becoming the norm at The COVID Blog because there is so much unfolding around the world so quickly. California is once again under a statewide indoor mask mandate, starting yesterday, despite 65% of the state being “fully vaccinated.” We learned that the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) […]

Jayde Stapleton: Australia woman says “Pfizer vaccine ruined my life” after post-injection Guillain-Barré, dysautonomia diagnoses December 25, 2021 Ms. Jayde Stapleton. MINNAMURA, NEW SOUTH WALES — Social media is rarely an accurate depiction of people’s lives. But Ms. Jayde Stapleton has been on Instagram since 2011. And everything about her is consistent. She loves her family. She loves her fiancé. Most importantly, she loves her 2-year-old daughter. Ms. Stapleton […]

Tshiama Anaclet Tshiama: 24-year-old Mormon missionary dies “unexpectedly” as LDS leaders mandate injections and invest in big pharma December 31, 2021 Elder Tshiama Anaclet Tshiama. ABIDJAN, IVORY COAST — A 24-year-old Congolese missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aka Mormon Church and LDS Church, is dead, becoming at least the 11th Mormon missionary to die suddenly and/or unexpectedly in 2021. Elder Tshiama Anaclet Tshiama was originally from Luputa, […]

Ian Matos: 32-year-old Olympic diver dead 19 weeks after COVID-19 “vaccine,” likely antibody dependent enhancement December 25, 2021 Mr. Ian Carlos Gonçalves de Matos RIO DE JANEIRO — A 32-year-old Brazilian competitive diver is dead, as near-term antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) deaths and maimings continue claiming lives across the globe. Mr. Ian Matos, full name Ian Carlos Gonçalves de Matos, received one of the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” on August […]

Fabien Stocco: French man laments “all this for a vaccine I didn’t want” after developing life-altering pericarditis from Pfizer injection December 25, 2021 (updated December 27, 2021) Mr. Fabien Stocco. REVELSTOKE, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Mr. Fabien Stocco was an active, healthy single father of two, navigating his way through COVID-19 dystopia prior to Thanksgiving. But the 40-year-old is now uncertain if his life will ever return to what it once was. Mr. Stocco received […]